Paths Across the Pacific X

2018 Program of Events :: July 18 – July 22, 2018

Wednesday July 18, 2018
7pm:  Paths X Welcome Reception – ANB Hall

  • Come mix with the Speakers, Organizers, Volunteers and other Participants to kick off our Paths X Conference.  Complementary Finger Food and Beverages for Full Conference participants.
  • Welcome
  • Performance:  Sheet'ká Kwaan Dancers performing the Giyakw Kwaan series: Dionne Brady-Howard dance leader

Thursday July 19, 2018
9am:  Welcome & Intro to Paths X – John Stein
9:15:  Formal Welcome and Paths Across the Pacific Overview: “The Paradigm is Bent!” - Nancy Yaw Davis
10:00am:  Film:  On Your Knees Cave
10:30am:  Session Intro: Connecting Oceans and Ocean Connections - Richard Callaghan 
10:40am:  Searching for Evidence of Late Pleistocene human occupation along the Western Margin of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet - Duncan McLaren / Gitla (Elroy White)
11:40am – 1pm: Lunch Break
1:00pm:  Two Oceans: The Chronology and Pathways of the Malayo-Polynesian Expansion - Richard Callaghan
2:00pm:  Pacific Island Seafaring and Navigation: An Overview of the Nautical Prowess of Austronesian Voyagers– Damion Sailors
3:00 – 3:30pm – Open Discussion / Reflections on the Day
3:30pm – 6pm: TBD / Open Time
6:00pm: Movie Showing at Centennial Hall – ‘The Ra Expedition’ with host Don Ryan
7:30pm: Post Movie Soiree at nearby Restaurant

Friday July 20, 2018
9am: Session Intro: shared Oceans, Shared Humanity: Crossing Ancient Oceans – Stephen C. Jett
9:15am: “Political Correctness” and Pre-Columbian American Influences on the Old World – Stephen C. Jett
10:15am:  The Travels of Maize – Carl Johannessen 
11:15am: TBD
11:30pm: Lunch Break
1:30pm: Shared Oceans, Shared Humanity Session Intro: Ancient Intertidal Fishing and Maricultural Structures  – Anne Pollnow
1:40pm: A Unique and Unexplained Ancient Fishing Site in Sheet’ká Kwáan Territory of Southeast Alaska – Anne Pollnow 
2:30pm: Mapping Island Moka: Assessing the Spatial Patterns of Customary Fishing Weirs in the Fiji Island Group – Damian Sailors
3:30pm: Elroy White – Stone Salmon Traps
5pm – 7pm:  Open Time
7:00pm: Book Fair & Book Reading at Centennial Hall – Stephen C. Jett, Curtis Ebbesmeyer, Other Authors

Saturday July 21, 2018
9:00am: Session intro: Connected Oceans, Shared Oceans
9:15am – 10:15am: Experimental Voyaging – Transoceanic Crossings – Don Ryan
10:30am – 12:30pm: Ocean Currents, Floating Objects, Gyres, and Garbage Patches, Plastic washing up in Alaska – Curtis Ebbesmeyer
12:30pm – 3:30pm:  Lunch and/or self-guided Totem Pole Hike at Sitka National Park;  Other options to visit:  Sheldon Jackson Museum, Russian Church, shopping in Sitka, Raptor Center
3:30pm: Film & Discussion:  On Your Knees Cave – “Kuwo’ot yas.e’in” “His spirit is looking out from the cave”. Sitka National Historical Park
4:30pm-5:20pm:  Brinnen Carter, Sitka National Historical Park
6:00pm-9:00PM: Dinner Reception and ‘Dynamics of Disasters’ Keynote Presentation by Susan Kieffer at Harrigan Centennial Hall

Sunday July 22, 2018
7:00am – Noon:  Beachcombing Trip and Boat Cruise.  Note the early start is required due to tides.

  • Enjoy this early morning boat cruise to see wildlife and to beach comb for interesting finds.   A packed lunch is included in the cost of the tour.

1:00pm – 3:00pm:  Beachcombing Fair at Harrigan Centennial Hall with world leading beachcomber Curtis Ebbesmeyer.

*Note this Program Agenda is subject to change without notice.  Updates will be posted to the Paths X website.