2010 Speakers

Richard Callaghan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Calgary, Alberta.
             Japanese Shipwrecks on the Northwest Coast and the Implications for Early Crossings of the North Pacific   Pre-Columbian Contacts (164kb PDF file)

Rita R. Colwell, Ph.D., Chairman emerita and Senior Adviser, Canon US Life Sciences, Inc.;  President, Cosmos ID, Inc.; Distinguished Professor, University of Maryland at College Park and Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health; former director, National Science Foundation. Click on this link for more information.
            Oceans, Climate and Infectious Diseases

Susan J. Crockford, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor (Anthropology/Graduate Studies), University of Victoria; and Pacific Identifications Inc., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
            Dogs Across The Pacific  

Curtis Ebbesmeyer, Ph.D., Oceanographer and Author
           Flotsam in the News: BP Oil Spill, Disembodied Feet and Global Garbage Patches

W. James Ingraham, Oceanographer, retired, NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle. Click on this link for more information.
Drift from Japan to North America

Stephen Jett, Ph.D., Geographer, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis
            Ancient Transoceanic Crossings: Evidentiary Developments during the Past Decade

Brian Kemp, Ph.D.,  Molecular Anthropologist,  Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Biology at Washington State University (Click on this link for more information.)
             Mitochondrial DNA Variation Among Native Southeastern Alaskans

Teri Rofkar,  Culture Bearers, Indigenous Botany
            People of the Tides Click on this link for more information.

Donald P. Ryan, Ph.D., Division of Humanities, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma (Click on this link for more information.)
            The Life and Legacy of Thor Heyerdahl

Alison T. Stenger, Ph.D., Archaeologist,  Director of Research, Institute for Archaeological Studies, Portland, Oregon.  Author:  A Vanished People.  The Lake River Ceramic Makers.
             Evidence of a Foreign Presence in Northwest Prehistory

Jan Straley, Science Director, University of Alaska Southeast and Sitka Sound Science Center (Click on this link for more information.)
             Migratory Paths Across the Pacific: Marine Mammals

Judith Williams, Assistant Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts Department, Studio Division, University of British Columbia and Author.
             Clam Gardens:  Aboriginal Mariculture on Canada’s West Coast

Panel Discussions

Stephen Jett, Ph.D., Geographer, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis; Carl L. Johannessen, Ph.D. (Click on this link for more information.), Professor emeritus, Department of Geography University of Oregon, Eugene, OR; Frank Norick, Ph.D.,  Retired Museum Ethnographer, Phoebe Hearst Museum, Berkeley, California, From Beringa to Baloney; (Click on this link for more information.)  William E. Davis, Ph.D. , Retired Senior Policy Analyst, U. S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment
             Assessing the Current Evidence

Tlingit Scholars
             Local Native Perspectives