Multidisciplinary - Informal - Congenial

July 18–22, 2018 Sitka, Alaska

Conference on human mobility
around and across the ocean

The mission of Paths Across the Pacific is to provide a forum for discussion of the evidence for cultural, social and biological contacts across and along the coasts of the oceans of the world.   Human mobility and migrations are core concepts.

Paths began in 2002 when a small group of eclectic scholars met to discuss human mobility across the Pacific.  Over time the goal expanded to include all the oceans.  The driving emphasis is on our shared oceans and our shared humanity.  A growing awareness of our responsibilities for the connected seas shapes our ideas, understandings, and concerns.

Analysis of the contacts makes use of a wide variety of methods including molecular genetics, oceanography, marine biology, archaeology, geography, geology, linguistics, ethno history, computer simulations, and more. Experimental rafting and the revitalization of canoeing and kayaking have challenged established ideas. Native American knowledge, navigational skills and rich oral traditions have added new perspectives to our understanding.

Paths continues to emphasize the interconnected themes of our shared accountability.


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Richard Thomas Peter Callaghan (

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Photos by James Poulson.